About us

History of Hudiny Ltd.

2016 - 2017

Hudiny Ltd. was founded in 2016 initially only for the purpose of selling IT technology through an e-shop. After about a year, we felt the need that it was time to start building an assembly company. This change turned out to be a good way to go. We gradually added people and gained valuable experience in the field of security systems.

2017 - 2019
Company development and new possibilities

We gradually developed from an assembly company to a project company, which opened the door to industrial parks and larger companies. This is where the cooperation with some larger electrical assembly companies began to supply complete turnkey solutions.

After several projects and more experience, the opportunity arose again to expand our portfolio, so we added optical networks. Pulling, welding, measuring, in short, everything again turnkey.

2019 - 2020
New job positions

We have created and filled job positions with a professional focus on a certain area. This is how we can offer the customer a specialist with his own experience in the field for each project.

New page, new thinking, new visions...

And especially the new challenges that we are already working hard on.

Your hard-working Hudiny team, more than magicians ☺

There was a lot to improve during Covid

We added Photovoltaics where we successfully completed all the necessary training and certification from the Ministry of Economy. We are listed on the website Zelenadomacnostiam.sk for subsidies for our installations.

And we started doing well... 🙂

The war came to Ukraine and changed everything...

The world began to change rapidly and therefore we had to recreate a new segment in order to grow again. We had skilled electricians in our team, so we entered the segment of complete Smart electrical installation of family houses. Although the construction boom has slowed down, the demand for skilled electricians has not.

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